A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game is my entry for the MiniJam 76 on the theme "Radiation" with the limitation "One Handed Controls.".

In this little 2D game, you need to launch neutrons on fissile atoms to make them explode and release more neutrons, creating a chain reaction. You only need the left click to play : click, drag and release to propel a neutron in this direction.

This is my first game made in Python with Pygame, and I wanted to create a very small game. I made all the code and visuals and you can find all the credits for the other assets below.

Source code : github.com/charon25/Spalt.

Font :



Spalt_windows.zip 51 MB
Spalt_debian.tar.gz 46 MB

Install instructions

Windows : download the archive, extract it and start "Spalt.exe".

Linux : download the archive, decompress it and run ./Spalt (Debian only)


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I love  science. I hosted a jam 2 years ago that this would have been perfect for! Thank you soooooo much for the submission to the show!